Popular Trends In Tiling

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You’ve probably set aside money for new tiles Adelaide if you’re remodelling a bathroom or kitchen. Because of its appeal, pavers are becoming more and more common in outdoor living areas. They’re looking forward to the new year with this in mind. A variety of styles will influence your work.

A passion for nature

Designs for ceramic tile increasingly use natural, untreated wood features to mimic the soothing, natural atmosphere that such materials conjure. Since the pandemic outbreak, a growing industry has sprung up around the idea of wellness design, using natural elements like these.

Spa-Inspired Style

This extends biophilia and is a method to bring nature indoors when many people are still cooped up at home because of inclement weather. Colours like the sky, woodland, sand, and sea are evoked by soothing blues and greens and textured neutrals. To create a spa-like atmosphere, the tones will be dimmer.

Overly large

Using huge ceramic tiles in wellness design is also beneficial because they make it easier to maintain a home. Big tiles are now available in sizes up to 5.25 feet by 10.5 feet and thicknesses varying from.14 inches to a little thicker than three-quarters of an inch. Large designs such as tables, counters, and shower walls can all benefit from using these slabs.

An interesting geometric element is added to a room using large hexagonal tiles.

Stone Cold

Ceramic tiles Adelaide that look like marble and other precious gems are becoming more popular. Because of advances in printing technology, it is now possible to print veins that match exactly across a row of cabinets or shower walls. On the other hand, porcelain imitators are nonporous and require little upkeep.

Concrete inspired

The retro concrete tile style has spawned a recent wave of copycats. These low-maintenance options include fun designs that elevate any room’s aesthetic appeal. Concrete tiles will play an important role in 2021’s wellness personalization trend.


It’s a fun and vibrant way to liven up indoor and outdoor spaces. The terrazzo effect offers a variety of retro-inspired design alternatives, ranging from huge specks to little tiles and large slabs.

Glossy tiles

Those in search of luxury are likely to love the high gloss style. Hopefully, they have some help around the house because this trend requires a lot of upkeep. To avoid severe falls in moist conditions, such as full bathrooms, applying a slip-resistant coating is a good idea.