Construction Engineer When You Appoint Him For Your Construction Work?

Engineering design is among the initial stages of an engineering project. It is the process of determining the physical characteristics of a structure along with its dimensions which are often presented graphically and a layman generally knows these as blueprints. These drawings are supplemented by written documents which are then handed over to manufacturers and contractors listing out the details of the work expected from them.

The consulting engineer often helps the client in choosing the contractors or while making the materials purchase. Especially in government construction projects, competitive bidding is carried out. Construction supervision is an integral part of any engineering project and it broadly entails general and resident supervision. The former involves periodic client visits for consultation, interpreting plans and specifications, processing payments and keeping a tab on the customers expenditure as initially planned and agreed upon. Making any amendments to the contract if deemed necessary followed by a final round of inspection of the project is also included in the construction supervision. Resident supervision on the other hand is the practice of sending an engineer to the client’s site to monitor and supervise. And also he makes sure the process goes smooth as per client’s expectations.

The role of a structural engineer is extremely important in the construction process. It is a part of the wider civil engineering discipline and encompasses the study of the physical dimensions of large structures, like bridges, tunnels and buildings. It is a large shoe that these engineers have to fill up especially ensuring the absolute safety of workers during the project as well as post the construction. Unlike architects, whose primary focus lies of the design and appearance of physical structures, these engineers are more technical guys who go into the feasibility and safety parameters of anything that they would construct. In general here are a few responsibilities these engineers carry out.


Engineers in this profession are mostly involved with the design and also at the same time the load and stress factors that any construction can withstand. They are aware of a large variety of materials to choose from and can assure the quality standards as well.


Before any project, these professionals carry out an extensive search study to analyze the feasibility of the project in the area. They do earth studies to check if the soil is suitable for the project or not.

Communication and management

Being an engineer with the primary responsibility of a project, one needs to coordinate and consult other engineers, architects, environmental scientists to ensure the ultimate success of the project over the long term.