When To Visit Your Dentist?

Usually any mention of doctors and dentists can make people nervous. But that will not be the case if you visit Capalaba Park Family. They are a business owned by a family and therefore can very well understand that what goes into making an environment comforting and relaxing for families who come for dental treatments. Three elements that are central to their practice as dentists are: honesty in all their dealings, respecting the patients and any information they share and consequently building their trust.

The services at Capalaba Park Dental are one of kind as they do not pressurize patients with filling and submitting numerous forms, you are treated on the basis of your bookings and appointments all that are done through phone or online. They understand that patients are already in much pain ad therefore try and give them as much comfort as possible. One of doing this is through the chairs they have at the clinic, which are super relaxing. The best way about going for any treatments is to know about the patient, their case history, if they have nay allergy or not. This is an integral step that many dentists skip, but it should not be, because once you are familiar with what your patients require, only then will you be in a position to relive them of the pain they are enduring.


Meet the team

The director at Capalaba Park Dental and their chief dentist is Dr. Gary Nahal. He has been practicing dentistry since 1996 and ever since then successfully treated innumerable patients with diverse dental problems. Over the years a lot has changed in dentistry as well, and he keeps updating his craft with time by enrolling in various programs. He usually treats patients that require dentistry and cosmetics services. He is particularly interested in observing the growth and development of children’s facial structure. Up next in the team is Dr. Navisa Najmi, who is known for treating all her patients with compassion and empathy. She focuses on instilling dental hygiene among people of all age groups. Her area of expertise lies in treating children, veneers and Invisalign. Other members of their team include their receptionist and dental assistants. Looking for an expert that know how to treat the oral problems you can click this page for such reliable information.

Visit the dentist

Even if you do not have any tooth ache or are not in need of a root canal, even then you should visit the dentist at least once every few months. This visit will not be for treatment, but to check your dental wellbeing. It is similar to how people often get complete body checkups every three to six months, the same should be done for your teeth. During this visit you can discuss your dental hygiene practices with your dentist such as brushing twice a day and floss and then can recommend you if there is something else required or not, depending upon your oral health. Capalaba Park dental is open five days a week from morning to evening with appointment based sessions on Saturdays.